Conversation is the Cure for the Greater Good

Conversation is the Cure

For many of my clients, it’s a challenge to sustain long-term focus to keep goals and noble visions for their businesses alive when there are immediate needs and pressures functioning to crowd out front-of-mind activities. When operating in prefrontal cortex overload mode, frustrations kick in and the amygdala becomes more highly activated. We can only make so many decisions at a time. and the noisiest typically take precedent when we are under pressure. Conversation and making changes become really tough.

Change is a conversation

We know change in business practices is good. Doing things for the greater good in the long run results in greater benefits for all in the end. But how do we rewire discussions and decision-making in the workplace to do this, while still keeping the doors open and stabilizing and strengthening our communities at work and outside of work?

Conversation is the cure

By having those serious conversations. The ones nobody wants to have. The ones everyone is afraid to initiate. It takes work. Serious work. But the rewards are well worth it.

Seth Godin’s I am ‘anti-business,’ you may be, too,   does a great job of putting this into historical context.

How do you do at putting this into practice in your workplace?

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