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Conversation is the Cure for the Greater Good

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Conversation is the Cure

For many of my clients, it’s a challenge to sustain long-term focus to keep goals and noble visions for their businesses alive when there are immediate needs and pressures functioning to crowd out front-of-mind activities. When operating in prefrontal cortex overload mode, frustrations kick in and the amygdala becomes more highly activated. We can only make so many decisions at a time. and the noisiest typically take precedent when we are under pressure. Conversation and making changes become really tough. (more…)

New Ways of Listening: Conversations at Work

Monday, March 2nd, 2015


What can the corporate world learn from The Horse Whisperer when it comes to hosting conversations that really matter? It’s said that a good trainer can hear a horse speak. But a great trainer can hear him whisper.

By this definition, Monty Roberts is a great trainer. Known as the Horse Whisperer, Monty has broken away from traditional methods of horse training to introduce a new level of trust through listening. He has changed the game entirely by deconstructing the fear-based training paradigm. (more…)

Starting a Conversation at STIA + DC 2014: using narrative change methodologies to drive cultural transformation

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

STIA + 2104

Want to stir up some synapses? Please consider joining me at STIA + DC 2014 in Washington, D.C., to participate in an amazing learning and community experience. The STIA + DC 2014 Systems Thinking in Action conference is shaping up to be an extraordinary gathering of business and community leaders, OD practitioners and educators from all over the globe, under the stewardship of Temenos enterprise transformation consultant Siraj Sirajuddin, ABC Connects founder Carol Gorelick, Creating Clarity  founder Jean Tully, STIA + NOW host and In Essence  founder Chris Clark and other conference weavers.

I will be co-presenting with keynoter David Stein, CEO of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics’ Point of Care business. His incredible team of culture change ambassadors—the COMMSquad—will be presenting an inspired collaborative learning session, too. (more…)