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Call for Stories

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Call for Stories

I’ve heard from many of you with your work stories for Talk to Me, and I thank you for sharing them. Some of you want a better idea of the kinds of stories I’m looking for.

I want to hear the full range of your experiences—from happy to horror, your triumphs and your trials! Your stories will help inform and illustrate the chapters in my book. (more…)

Taking Time to Think is Truly a Gift

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Thinking of the Big Idea

A benefit of writing a book is that I can legitimately take time to think.

I don’t know many people who feel they can take the time to really think. Do nothing but think. Not just an afternoon or a weekend, but months even.

Like many of you, I had been double/triple timing it for years.  Going back to grad school, starting a family practice and then evolving that practice into CorpTalk, all while bringing up my daughter as part of a larger, active and loving family.

Once I was certain my daughter was set to graduate college and all tuition and living costs had been paid, I pulled the plug. I stopped pursuing business— which is a little scary for any business owner—and started thinking. Really thinking about the things I feel are most important.

So that is precisely the gift I gave to myself this year and the one I wish for each of you: sufficient time to think. (more…)

Talk to Me: Tell Me Your Work Stories

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Talk to Me

Many of you have been asking, “Maria, when are you going to write the book?”

Well, I’m doing it. And here’s the update.

I took a short sabbatical where I thought through what would make the most difference to others. Twenty years in the trenches has allowed me to really process my own crucial learnings and distill the heart of my experience in order to pull through what I believe has the most value. (more…)