The fast-paced complexity of today's business environment underscores one unmistakable reality: the time we spend together is precious. Smart businesses are making the most of these opportunities using communication training courses and expert meeting facilitation to align and accelerate delivery of business objectives.

CorpTalk works with leaders and teams to create optimal meeting designs, energize meeting facilitation and focus efforts to achieve positive outcomes. By creating a safe, open, inclusive and honest environment, CorpTalk lays the foundation for unfiltered, interactive conversation. Expert group facilitation generates game-changing conditions in the room. Participants often tell us they have never attended meetings or events like these before.

CorpTalk also provides conflict resolution training and in-house coaching and training to facilitate great meetings. We support your shift to a more flexible, outcome oriented meeting culture, away from a time-crunched meeting culture.

Key Benefits

  • Participants own the success and outcomes of the meeting
  • All voices are valued and encouraged
  • Teams are able to surface and effectively discuss sensitive topics
  • Good ideas are ignited, cross-pollinated and fully mined
  • Participants forge better relationships and extend their networks
  • Sidebar comments and cynicism are channeled into productive conversations
  • And more ...

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CorpTalk designs and facilitates meetings that create safe, high-energy learning experiences and business benefit. Our thoughtful, humor-filled style generates easy engagement, deeper inquiry and more fully owned outcomes. We access everything available to drive powerful conversations including paying attention to what's not being said (often the most valuable information available).

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CorpTalk maintains an extensive resource library that illustrates our unique approach and supplements our front-line services.