Frequently Asked Questions

Why do clients choose CorpTalk?

Clients choose us because we provide a depth and quality of service that is truly meaningful for the business and for the people who need to drive and deliver on the vision.

Our deep experience and skill with change and human systems dynamics allow us to imbue our projects with a sense of "can do" optimism and greater calm and confidence.

Our proprietary design elements and comprehensive content library deliver a clear competitive advantage. We're able to quickly customize programs, transferring our knowledge base to build internal capabilities and support customized, cost-effective, whole-system solutions.

We do not skim lightly over the issues to "check off the box" or "go through the motions"; when the going gets rough, we are right there with our clients. In this way, we enable deep insights through active learning applications to help them build a change paradigm that endures beyond our engagement.

What do you mean by holistic solution?

A holistic solution is a big-picture oriented solution.

It takes into consideration the ways in which any industry, organization, business or team functions as a whole system.

As a result, enduring solutions and healthy change can be stimulated through an understanding of how the whole system operates, how each part of the system influences the other, and how certain organizing principles play out within the system.

Holistic solutions address complex equations in simple, straightforward ways, linking and leveraging system elements and bringing to bear the full power of the axiom, "simple means to rich ends."

What do you mean by systems thinking?

System thinking is a cognitive framework that focuses on the totality of any entity or organism. The organizing dynamic in systems thinking highlights the way in which "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." This holistic view encourages us to pay particular attention to the interaction of system elements, the ways in which they communicate, and the ways in which any communication between any two elements can spur much broader actions and outcomes that ultimately change the composite makeup of the system.

Organizations, as complex adaptive systems, abide by the organizing principles of systems thinking and as such can be understood and positively stimulated to change.

Why do you focus on conversation and story?

CorpTalk maintains that productive conversations are health-generative and inclusive; solutions can come from anywhere or anyone, and stories provide a context for greater participation. Just as life finds its way, conversations come alive when they connect people and ideas to shape solutions. Great stories are the larger narratives that energize our conversations.

The emphasis needs to be on people talking and promoting conversation as a core business process and authentic storytelling as an organization's greatest working asset.

The parallel emphasis on leadership therefore needs to shift to a more facilitative role, i.e., framing, convening, hosting, facilitating and enabling conversations of greater meaning.

In this way, our conversations and stories help us to make sense of changing business environments and allow us to take action to advance the business across functional, global and cultural boundaries.

What is different about the CorpTalk Team?

Our team is a great example of our model. The intersection of our own backgrounds, training and experience is represented in the richness of the insights, dialogue and solutions that we share with our clients.

We have a strong continuous learning cycle built into our practice. This includes ongoing case reviews and knowledge sharing through weekly roundtables where we engage the full capacity of the team.

The CorpTalk team is dedicated to creating a healthier, happier, more successful work experience for our clients. We go the extra mile to get our clients what they need and manage complex issues with calm and resolve.

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