Featured Programs: Spring, 2013

CorpTalk's Featured Programs offer a range of easy to implement, high impact coaching, development and learning programs. They provide representative examples of the menu of programs we offer based on The CorpTalk Solution Matrix and allow us to highlight the winning programs we use with our clients.

As complete standalone solutions or as a first step to one of our larger, more comprehensive signature change programs, CorpTalk's Featured Programs will deliver the results you need.


Change is a Conversation™ - Step One Readiness Assessment

Program Overview — Get Ready for Change

Change is a Conversation™ is CorpTalk's signature change management program. This program supports business leaders and their teams to drive high performance business results and cultural transformation through customized solutions that combine executive advisement, strategy development, change leader coaching, data collection and analysis, facilitation of large group and mixed dialogue sessions and participatory design sessions.

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New Leader Assimilation

Program Overview — Leader Quick Start

CorpTalk supports new leaders through an expertly facilitated team session and new leader assimilation coaching.

When a management change takes place, team members work hard to understand the impact the new leader will have on the team. Most managers and their teams eventually figure things out but precious time and opportunities are lost through guesswork, and in some cases, leaders and/or their teams may completely derail for a period of time. CorpTalk's half-day New Leader Assimilation process supports leaders and teams to accelerate the "getting to know you" stage.

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Ramp Up - New Team Assimilation

Program Overview — New Team Quick Start

CorpTalk's Ramp Up - Team Assimilation supports teams to get on the same page, establish clarity, ensure inclusion and begin to put in place an effective team charter. This structured and expertly facilitated process can be delivered in one full day or two half-day sessions and provides high performance teams with an expert jumpstart.

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Ramp Up - Team Acceleration

Program Overview — Team Rejuvenation

CorpTalk's Ramp Up - Team Acceleration supports teams to energize and fast track their efforts. This structured and expertly facilitated process can be delivered in one full day or two half-day sessions and provides high performance teams with an opportunity to regroup, focus on what is working, accelerate development and define what is needed to meet critical milestones and deliverables.

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MyCoach™ Online

Program Overview — Fast Track Support

CorpTalk's MyCoach™ Online accelerated development program provides high potential leaders and mission critical collaborators with a developmental experience through personalized coaching and self-directed learning. It provides an executive level experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional coaching thus making it a high quality, affordable solution for larger numbers of participants.

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Leading Meetings@Work

Program Overview — Energetic & Inclusive

CorpTalk's Leading Meetings@Work half-day facilitation training workshop helps business and team leaders run highly productive, energized meetings that match the needs of the agenda and the people who participate.

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Program Overview — Navigating Successfully

CorpTalk's TransitionCoach™ supports participants to expertly navigate career transition with optimism, energy, a solid plan and a successful outcome.

Enrollment in TransitionCoach™ features personal support via telephone and webinar and includes on-line access to thirteen coaching modules. Focus is on early design stage, creation of clearly articulated marketing materials, proven-successful strategies and tactics to achieve best fit in the current marketplace, and best practices to get up and running in a new role.

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SmallWorldEvents™ - Design

Program Overview — Action Oriented Talk

Bringing people together through this powerful event framework drives innovation and helps your mission, vision and values come alive.

CorpTalk's SmallWorldEvents™ is a large-scale, highly interactive, learning event designed to bring diverse groups of people together to talk about things that really matter, create common ground and explore what is possible.

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BrainFrame™ - Executive Think Tank

Program Overview — Tell Your Story

CorpTalk's BrainFrame™ - Executive Think Tank immerses leaders in an expertly led exploration of the power of story telling and the role of leaders in shaping "grand narratives" and telling great stories. Learn how the use of stories boosts brainpower and Social EQ/IQ.

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