Cross-disciplinary insights, thought leadership and advisement featuring systems thinking.
CorpTalk uses a user-centered design to bring out the best in any organization, team, or individual
Savvy organizations use coaching to sustain competitive advantage while reducing training costs.
CorpTalk offers the wisdom of extensive corporate experience. The online forum brings it to you.
Interactive workshops achieve critical business deliverables and key learning objectives.
Sound, qualitative data drive good design and powerful, lasting results. We provide the rich context.
Transferring our coaching expertise into your organization puts capability development in your hands.
CorpTalk designs and facilitates uniquely powerful and purpose-driven meetings. Come alive!
CorpTalk offers keynote-level programs and presentations. Conversations are living systems!

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Our solutions are based on our Core Competency Model shown below:

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Conversation is the Cure for the Greater Good

For many of my clients, it’s a challenge to sustain long-term focus to keep goals and noble visions for their businesses alive when there are immediate needs and pressures functioning to crowd out front-of-mind activities. When operating in prefrontal cortex overload mode, frustrations kick in and the amygdala becomes more highly activated. We can only [...]

New Ways of Listening: Conversations at Work

What can the corporate world learn from The Horse Whisperer when it comes to hosting conversations that really matter? It’s said that a good trainer can hear a horse speak. But a great trainer can hear him whisper. By this definition, Monty Roberts is a great trainer. Known as the Horse Whisperer, Monty has broken [...]

CorpTalk and Siemens at STIA + 2014 DC: Simple Means to Rich Ends

When I think about the STIA + 2014 DC conference (Nov 5-9), where I was honored to co-keynote our CorpTalk and Siemens cultural transformation success story, “simple means to rich ends” comes to mind.

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