In the simplest terms, "When you take care of your people, your business will thrive."

Strong outplacement services are an integral part of healthy organizational change cycles. The most effective career development programs allow companies to provide smooth career transition assistance for exiting as well as retained employees, minimizing stress and maximizing workplace satisfaction and productivity.

High quality outplacement and online coaching solutions deliver a strong message of support to everyone and safeguard and strengthen brand equity. CorpTalk helps client companies put in place effective outplacement strategies and implementation plans to support employees to succeed through transition ensuring less disruption and more success for individuals, as well as the organization as a whole.

Key Benefits

  • Exiting employees are supported to succeed through transition
  • Increased energy and reduced stress for everyone
  • Productivity, performance and morale is safeguarded
  • Business performance and continuity ensured
  • Legal issues resolved in advance
  • Retention of key talent and brand equity
  • Provide a healthy framework for change
  • And more ...

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CorpTalk's highly skilled and dedicated team delivers comprehensive outplacement services that are clear, respectful, rewarding and outcome-focused. Our program features a robust online content library, webinars and action-oriented personal support providing companies a caring and cost-effective solution for outplacement.

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