High performing teams amplify the individual strengths and talents of team members in such a way that the collective contribution of the team outweighs the sum of the individual efforts. When teams share common values and commit to having meaningful, action-oriented conversations, ingenuity, productivity and morale increase sharply. This is accelerated through team building and development.

In our modern global economy, teams operate in complex eco-systems and there is no longer such a thing as an individual contributor; even the most brilliant subject experts are measured by their ability to connect their expertise through their teams. Teams, often dispersed or virtual, with varying degrees of access, synergy, collaboration and creative interaction, determine what is possible and what is achieved. When individuals fail to collaborate well, entire teams risk derailing and organizational progress may stall, or worse yet, backslide.

The key determinant for creating and maintaining high performance teams is the freedom members feel to challenge and strengthen their ideas while engaging in powerful conversations with each other. By providing a context for healthy dialogue and advanced skill training to support effective engagement, CorpTalk supports teams to articulate and take action on their best ideas and practices, fully leveraging the unique skills and diverse talents of their members.

Key Benefits

Team members will:
  • Appreciate and value differences as a pathway to high performance and innovation
  • Channel conflict into creative and inclusive solutions through team leadership
  • Recognize and leverage diverse backgrounds, styles, and preferences and understand how these impact behaviors
  • Trust one another and collaborate effectively under pressure using conflict resolution training
  • Engage in difficult conversations rather than escalate to anger or endure the emotional drain of avoidance
  • Feel comfortable sharing ideas that may seem unpopular
  • Commit to winning solutions despite the need to sacrifice personal agendas
  • Come together quickly through team assimilation to align within a demanding business environment
  • Work effectively across geographies and functions
  • And more ...

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CorpTalk helps teams put into practice the behaviors, attitudes, and structures that unleash the real power of conversation and enable individuals and groups to thrive. Our proprietary model supports teams to develop resilience, align behind goals, encourage creative problem-solving, reduce stress and have more fun (yes … fun is an essential part of the success equation!).

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