Call for Stories

Call for Stories

I’ve heard from many of you with your work stories for Talk to Me, and I thank you for sharing them. Some of you want a better idea of the kinds of stories I’m looking for.

I want to hear the full range of your experiences—from happy to horror, your triumphs and your trials! Your stories will help inform and illustrate the chapters in my book.

To help focus your experience, I have fleshed out some questions related to six categories (change, clarity, commitment, collaboration, contribution, celebration) that comprise the model. Your story might relate to a number of these, so don’t be concerned about pinning it precisely to any one of the categories. Most stories overlap. Use the prompts outlined below, if helpful, as a framework to trigger your thinking. And then please share whatever comes to mind related to your best and worst experiences at work.

Change stories

  • Tell me about a change that you have made or encountered in your professional life.
  • Was it self-initiated (e.g., a desire for development) or externally driven (e.g., workplace restructure)?
  • How did you interpret it—what types of language (phrasing, metaphors, descriptors) did you use? And/or how was it interpreted for you—what types of language (phrasing, metaphors, descriptors) were used for you?
  • How did you feel about it before and after?
  • What was the outcome?

Clarity stories

  • Can you recall an example of when you were given clear direction, information and expectations in the midst of change? What was the outcome?
  • OR can you recall an example of when you were given unclear direction, misinformation and undefined expectations? What was the outcome then?

Commitment stories

  • Have you ever worked with a really committed colleague or group who has really motivated you? How did that feel, what was the impact on you and what was the outcome that resulted?
  • OR have you ever been ambivalent about committing to a change in your workplace and/or experienced the ambivalence of your leaders? How did that make you feel, what was the impact on you and what was the outcome that resulted?

Collaboration stories

  • Have you ever gotten derailed on a project because you did not have an opportunity for meaningful collaboration, because the people involved did not extend themselves or support each other?
  • OR have you ever carried a difficult project over the line as a result of colleagues extending themselves and supporting each other?

Contribution stories

  • Have you ever worked on something with others that positively impacted the business beyond the scope of the targeted objectives through lessons learned, knowledge sharing or new applications?
  • OR Have you worked on something for which there wasn’t sufficient infrastructure to fully realize or scale the lessons learned, knowledge shared or new applications?

Celebration stories

  • Can you recall ways you’ve celebrated an accomplishment that were small, yet satisfying—like a round of applause in a meeting, or big—like an industry award, and what that celebration meant to you?
  • OR what about not being acknowledged for something you worked hard on and achieved? How did that feel?

All stories are useful to me. They will help me include an accurate reflection of your real workplace experience and also synthesize themes shared by many. Please keep in mind that no story will be used without your permission, and identifying details will be omitted at your request.

You may email or call me, whatever works best for you. I look forward to hearing more from you!


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