Starting a Conversation at STIA + DC 2014: using narrative change methodologies to drive cultural transformation

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Want to stir up some synapses? Please consider joining me at STIA + DC 2014 in Washington, D.C., to participate in an amazing learning and community experience. The STIA + DC 2014 Systems Thinking in Action conference is shaping up to be an extraordinary gathering of business and community leaders, OD practitioners and educators from all over the globe, under the stewardship of Temenos enterprise transformation consultant Siraj Sirajuddin, ABC Connects founder Carol Gorelick, Creating Clarity  founder Jean Tully, STIA + NOW host and In Essence  founder Chris Clark and other conference weavers.

I will be co-presenting with keynoter David Stein, CEO of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics’ Point of Care business. His incredible team of culture change ambassadors—the COMMSquad—will be presenting an inspired collaborative learning session, too.

The theme for STIA + DC 2014 is “Systems of Wellbeing.” One of the questions the conference will address is:

  • What would it look like if we were to redesign systems, big and small, to facilitate wellness and wellbeing?

Inspired Communication + Collaboration = Cultural Transformation

David Stein

In Thursday evening’s keynote, “Everyone at the Table –Transforming Culture through Whole System Engagement,” David will present his vision and CEO perspective, I will share the road map and David’s team will share participant insights that are catalyzing transformational change within POC. You will also learn how to customize CorpTalk’s narrative change model to build your own blueprint in order to achieve your own objectives or enterprise-wide initiative.

In addition to keynoting, David will be featured in a leadership dialog with Dr. Victor Garcia, who is leading a community change effort in Cincinnati called CoreChange. These two great minds will combine and contrast the wellsprings of health that are shaping up through these major initiatives.

Meet the Siemens POC COMMSquad

Siemens POC COMMSquadI am especially thrilled to tell you about Friday afternoon’s workshop at STIA + DC 2014. I will be co-hosting this workshop with the COMMSquad, members of a growing group of R&D professionals within David’s organization who are developing a highly participatory, innovative, active learning culture at POC.

While senior manager Cynthia Lessard will be traveling for a related project, senior managers David Giroux and Katie Montanaro, senior scientists Eric Cowden and Jeffrey Tuck and head of POC informatics Maha Swaminathan will share their experiences in: “Getting to the Table: Achieving Cultural Transformation through Personal Leadership—Roadmap and Stories.”

Some questions they will address and accompany with their personal anecdotes are:

  • What brings people to the table to achieve cultural transformation in intentional ways when day-to-day business pressures require full focus and all hands on deck?
  • Why is “getting to the table” an active trust-building exercise that requires both an exertion of personal leadership and a commitment to the collective?
  • How can organizations use narrative change models, leveraging the power of conversation and storytelling, to engage in healthy whole system change?

A 360 perspective on deep culture change

STIA + DC 2014 presents a rare opportunity to get a 360 perspective on a comprehensive change endeavor through key players. It begins with David’s CEO view and vision for change and some of the important leadership attributes that lead him to create an inside-out design for change—and challenge the models that were in place previously.  The COMMSquad members will inspire and enlighten you with their own personal change stories. You will hear my practitioner insights on using CorpTalk’s “change is a conversation” narrative change model to create a narrative change blueprint in your own settings, while also providing a safe corridor for honest, open, change-oriented conversations.

Plus, there are so many other thought-provoking speakers and great workshops that you will not want to miss.

Come join us at STIA + DC 2014!

If you’ve worked with us in the past, you know we’re going to get into the nitty gritty! You will walk away with transformative ideas to energize your own conversations in pursuit of personal and organizational well being.

Please join us if you can, November 6-7, in Washington, D.C.

Get a preview

For a preview of the ground we’ll be covering at STIA, I invite you to listen to this podcast interview with Chris Clark, host of STIA + NOW and principal of Hover Consulting Group, STIA NOW: Maria Seddio.

For complete details about the conference and our presentations, visit the STIA + DC 2014 website.


PS We’ll be sharing updates from the conference on my Facebook page, Maria Seddio Talk to Me, if you can’t make it!

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