Talk to Me: Tell Me Your Work Stories

Talk to Me

Many of you have been asking, “Maria, when are you going to write the book?”

Well, I’m doing it. And here’s the update.

I took a short sabbatical where I thought through what would make the most difference to others. Twenty years in the trenches has allowed me to really process my own crucial learnings and distill the heart of my experience in order to pull through what I believe has the most value.

Talk to Me

The title is “Talk to Me.” It’s basically a guide to having safe and successful serious conversations wherever they are needed. Which, of course, is everywhere – at work, with our families and friends, and within our local and global communities.

I’m focusing my attention here, because, like many of you, I believe we have to ramp up our ability to have the kinds of conversations that tackle really complex issues. Without polarizing or imploding the discussions that are required.

And I don’t think we have the time to wait for someone else to start or carry the weight of the conversation for us. (Nope, sorry, but I do not I think these conversations can be delegated.)

Call for stories

Over the years,  I have witnessed your struggles, cheered your success, and supported you to stay the course by expressing yourself in creative, collaborative, and fair-minded ways. You have direct experience using the principles and values, including the narrative frames and roadmaps, that underpin CorpTalk’s model and methodologies.

Now, I’m inviting you to take our shared knowledge to the next level.

So this is a call for work stories.

Please send me stories you’d like to share. And also stories you think I should know about. I know you have much to contribute. And I’m looking forward to reading each of them!

Let’s continue our conversations

Wild horses and the desire to get the message out in a wider, more immediate way have brought me to Facebook.  Join me at MariaSeddioTalktoMe, where I’ll be sharing my morning espresso and hosting the conversation that is becoming “Talk to Me.”

Thanks in advance and wish me good luck!

PS All stories are useful to me. They will help me include an accurate reflection of your real workplace experience. But no story will be used without your permission, and identifying details will be omitted at your request.

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